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All your music, videos, and socials in one spot.

Our all-in-one artist profile pages are a central hub for your music, videos, socials, and insights, so you only have to log in to a single platform.

Earn money from digital gifts.

Link your Artist Account to PayPal and turn digital gifts into real money.

Gain valuable insights.

Take a closer look at how your content is performing on WAV.

Expand your audience.

The more you engage with the app, the greater your chances are to unlock exclusive benefits and spotlights. Be seen and heard not only by WAV, but by our partners and their audiences, too.

Our partners are your partners.

WAV gives you direct access to a network of label, media, production, and event partners that can take your career to the next level. We're talking real-world opportunities, like live show bookings, mentorships, and record deals.

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Case Studies

I think WAV is the future of music, media, and so much more. Not only have they provided me with an amazing platform, they continue to push boundaries that allows a creative like myself to continue to be inspired. It’ll be fun growing together.


Case Studies

“My experience with WAV has been nothing short of amazing! The interaction during live streams is bar none. The gifting feature is a great addition, which entices fans to want to be more interactive. I love how personal I can get with each of my fans.”


Case Studies

As an artist, you want a team that is all about you. Making sure your next move is your best move. WAV is about that.


Case Studies

WAV is truly the next generation of music curation and content. It’s been an honor to be on their roster of cutting edge artists, and I truly believe that they have the best pulse on where music is going and what the industry is capable of.


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We believe artists come first. Focus on making music and refining your creativity. Let us do the rest.